Achivevments - Tanzeem Nasl-e-Nau Hazara Mughal

Journey Of Achievements

In 1965 a group of Hazara youths who had just stepped into adulthood raised a football team under the title of “Taj Foot Ball Club”. They rented a small room, within the vicinity where they lived. When they were not playing football, the small ranted room would become a place of social gathering. They would discuss any subject related to every day life. But very often the discussion would lead them to one particular point “Problem of The Community” like

  • High illiteracy rate
  • Extreme poverty
  • Child labor
  • Non-availability of basic facilities such as school, medical care center, job
  • Addiction to lineage, causing disunity amongst Hazara's as the one experienced during general elections.
The players of the football team and their close friends attending the “Club” would contribute towards the “Club” fund to meet the recurring expenditure. They had no other source of income. It was during these informal but very regular meetings that they agreed to establish a community based organization with sole purpose of redressal of “Community Problems” which later on emerged as national organization

1970 The first step in construction of building

Tanzeem acquire a piece of residential plot on Alamdar Road, and setup its office initially by three numbers of rooms to be utilized for educational purpose. The improvised structure of mud walls and tarpaulin roofs were fabricated all by ourselves. We could not afford to hire the services required.

1971 Procession Taken Out Enchanting Slogan Of Being One Hazara

Within a very short period of its establishment, almost every person within the community recognized Tanzeem as a social welfare organization. By then it had enlisted more than 1000 ordinary members who would contribute the monthly membership fee regularly. And by taking out procession in the street all members and volunteers enchanted this slogan under the leadership of GA Haidari "We are, but one Hazara"

1972 Free coaching classes

In 1972 it had shifted to its present offices. Free coaching classes for students of junior levels were inaugurated and volunteers not only conducted the coaching classes under the temporary tents but would pay the cost of stationary involved out of their own pockets as well

1973 Evening educational classes under matted tents

While carrying out construction work of class rooms, teaching activity of tuition classes in the evening remained continued and temporarily matted tents were arranged for that purpose

1974 Martial art training

Alongside with the educational activities, different new sports events were initiated in the open space of Tanzeem building like boxing, judo karate, badminton, volleyball and other indoor games like scrabble, table tennis for the purpose of promoting physical and mental health and as well as to refrain youth from hashish, opium, heroin and other anti-social activities

1975 Health Unit 1975

The first major participatory development project based on self help approach comprising the construction of a basic health unit was launched. It was a free medical center for women and children

1972- 1976 Sports Activity

As a result of numerous football tournament and as well as boxing and judo karate, competition conducted in the name of our prominent figures, introducing cultural identity to glorifying historical entity. Well know and renowned players became capable of winning their pride of performance namely Shawkat Changazi (Karate), Syed Abrar (Boxing), Mohammad Ali I Boxing), Ewaz Ali (Football) and others alike

1977 Participation in general election of Pakistan

In 1977, the year of general election of Pakistan, in pursuance of its second importance agenda, inculcation of social awareness, without getting involved in party politics. Tanzeem was able to highlights the importance of participation in democratic procedures

1978 Shop & rooms of Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal

An income generation scheme was launched by construction of a shopping mall consisting of 12 numbers of shops on ground floor and equal number of rooms on 1st floor were completed. These shops and rooms were given on fixed monthly rent. This project enabled us to go ahead with our next envisaged plan.

1980 Inside view of community hall

Late Syed Raza Mahmoodi to commemorate the sad event of his beloved wife offered to construct a memorial hall at Tanzeem site "Khaddija Mahmoodi Memorial Hall" a community center for all kind of public gathering, socio cultural activities. The hall is renovated by portioning into two portions, establish centralized air conditioning system and fully decorated.

1984 Tameer Nasle Nau High school building

Construction of Tameer-Nasle-Nau High School was inaugurated in 1984 consisting of basement and three floors. There was a total intake of 19 students in1985 the year of establishment. By year 1996 total students in roll was 670. Latest figures now December 2002 is 760 students, out of this the figure for Female students are 240 where as for male students it is 520. Now it has state of art computer labs, science lab, library. The school building has 16 class rooms, male/female staff rooms

1979-1990 Aid for afghan refugees

In 1979 Russian troops made their way to Kabul, causing the devastating chain of events there, within its resources the Tanzeem volunteers not only would go inside Afghanistan to distribute relief goods to needy people but took up the most complicated and hazardous tasks of facilitation of refugees enroot to Iran and other countries. The Tanzeem had already some experienced in coping with the problem of displaced persons, a large number of Pakistanis and Afghanis were deported by Govt. of Iraq in 1978 after Baas party take over there. In reaching Quetta Tanzeem was the only organization to extend help to these deportees.

1990-1997 Lecture class of women empowerment

The growing disillusionment of educated youths with government for its failure to create job opportunities, the Tanzeem concentrated working on two social action plane, human resource development and focus on women. Focus on Women Without integration of women in social developmental activities the idea of progressive society is a dream. Tanzeem offer different courses like introduction of English language classes for women, celebrating Mother's day, Offer classes of tailoring and different get together to community women were major activities carried out during this period

1997 Computer Lab

Establishment of two separate vocational and trade training center, one for males and the other for females was taken into consideration. In 1997 a package of 10 number of computer sets were donated by German consulate general Karachi enable Tanzeem to setup the computer lab literacy lab. The first phase of male vocational training center conduct 4 workshops in refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical and electronic apparatus repair skills and computer hardware.

1997 Participation of Chairman in symposium held in December 1997 at Meja ga Kuen University Tokyo Japan

Recognizing the splendid track record of our activities chairman of Tanzeem Mr. Ghulam Ali Haidari was invited at Tokyo Japan to attend a symposium. He presented his thesis "The Question of Survival"

1998-2001 Tailoring Class for Women's

The long awaited plan of establishment of a vocational training institution for women was partially incomplete, thanks to people and Govt. of Japan for assisting us in this respect. The training center situated at Mariabad campus where, tailoring classes, school and different learning activities programs are running. By end of December out of enrolled 177 trainees 149 successfully completed short course of tailoring.

2001 Computer center and school at Qundos Afghanistan

As an NGO interacting with displaced persons and Afghan refugees throughout the Afghanistan crises, it is our utmost desire to take part in reconstruction process of Afghanistan. Within our limited resources in line with our educational agenda a computer literacy and English language center has been set up at Kabul Afghanistan. A primary school was initiated in Aliabad of Qundos (Afghanistan), but in the view of legal requirements demanded by the local interim setup the program was quitted

2002 Primary school in Hazara town Brewery Road Quetta.

In pursuance of its educational goals the Tanzeem had established a primary school in Hazara Town of Brewery Road Quetta Pakistan. Thanks to Govt. and people of Japan for providing necessary funds. Now on a piece of land measuring 16000 sq. feet stands a girls school with its 10 number of well furnished class rooms

2002-2003 Provision of house hold commodities

A very cohesive and organized humanitarian activity regarding provisions of commodities of basic needs like flour, sugar, ghee, tea and blanket etc carried out to the thousands of needy refugees with the assistance of people and Govt. of Japan, Our organization on behalf of our people remain very much appreciative of generosity extended by the people of Japan

2003 Focus on Publication

Taking into account the importance of dissemination of our cultural activity, three magazines were under taken to be published monthly. These are Chihil Dukhtaran-e-Tarikh, Pegham-e-Tanzeem and Didgah-e-Nasle Nau. Saybith publicizing materials and articles related to Tanzeem's outlook. Beside, it is also purported to persuade more and more writers toward literacy and research work

2005 Construction of class room & Science laboratory for girls section of our high school

Ever since the girls section of our high school remained in need of more class room, it seemed rather impossible to get it constructed through our own resources. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the people of Japan who fulfilled our urgent requirement by constructing 6 class rooms, science laboratory and other requirements

2006-07 Revival of Hazaragi Academy and its Activities

Hazaragi Academy was established during the decade of 1980 to accomplish our objectives regarding dissemination of our world view, publishing books to materialize our identity, conducting research work about our historical background and reaching out for cultural program activity. Due to restricted financial resources and in house ideological conflicts of political implication and above all scarcity In academic people it could not remain operational. In 2003 it was decided to revive the same and our capacity building process accomplished during recent years enabled us to publish "Bahar-i-Anis", "Raqas-e-Mahtab", "Hasrat-i-Did", "The Hazara Tribe in Balochistan, Parghunahae Zulmat, Mazameen Chill Dukhtarane Tareekh, Hazaraha wa Kan Kolla Pakistan and Haqeeq Nama Ka Jawab. Three books are under print. The first oath taking ceremony of the Hazaragi Academy was held on May-2007, wherein Ustad Muhammad Muhaqiq, the most prominent personality of the Hazaras of Afghanistan took the oath from the President and members of the Hazaragi Academy. This Academy has been publishing Four monthly magazines i.e. Paigham-e-Tanzeem (Urdu), Chil Dukhtaran Tareekh (Urdu), Deedgah Nasle Nausince last four years without any foreign aid or assistance.

In 2007 Hazaragi Academy arranged a lecture program by Air Marshal (R) Sharbat Ali Changazi, in which hundreds of renown personalities participated.